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Providing emergency food aid for residents of Salford

Registered charity: 1150870

Salford Foodbank

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Every day in Salford, people and families go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy, receiving an unexpected bill on a low income or those who have had benefits altered or stopped.
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As part of Freedom Central Manchester,   Salford Foodbank operates in partnership with the Trussell Trust, providing emergency food parcels for people who are in crisis in this way. 

Non –perishable food is donated by the public, which includes supermarket collections that are made in Salford and the surrounding areas.

Foodbank is open

Each parcel given contains enough food to last for 3 days and is given to those who have been given a foodbank voucher by a front-line care professional. 

We are currently working with over 80 agencies that hold our foodbank vouchers to provide the simple, practical gift of food and support at the point of crisis.

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To help clients become free from poverty, we signpost them to organisations that may be able to resolve the underlying problem.


For more info see the Salford Foodbank website.

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