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mocha parade venue booking

Please confirm why you would like to book
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Security *
I confirm that I know how to use the intruder alarm and will ensure this is set when I leave
Fire escapes *
I confirm that I will unlock the fire escape padlocks in the main meeting room when I arrive and ensure these are locked before I leave. I confirm that if I am using the kitchen in any capacity that I will also unlock the fire door and gate at that end of the building and ensure it is locked before I leave. I will complete the form above the intruder alarm confirming that this has been done. I will ensure that fire escapes and corridors are kept free of any obstructions throughout the booking and when I leave.
Children *
Any children attending will be fully supervised at all times
Cleanliness *
I will ensure that all rooms used are left clean, tidy and vacuumed if necessary
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